Dynamic Planet Communications provides on-target, creative, and smart communications services with measurable results.

Published and Professional

Effective writing can make the difference between winning and not, being understood and not, success and not. "Plain" language shouldn't be ordinary language.

Skill and Creativity

Every business, non-profit, and organization needs a web site. It's your digital place in the world. Make it memorable. Effective design, content, usability, and SEO.

Engage and Be Heard

Social media strategies and tactics need to change regularly. They are immediate, and the conversation is two-way. They need to reflect your audience. They need to welcome input and generate positive emotion. Need help with that?

Simple, fast, effective.

Want results but can't afford an Oscar? We build the visuals, music, narration, script... putting it all together quickly, and in an way that respects, understands, and engages your target audience.

Strategic and Realistic

Here's how .. Identify objectives, audience(s), the message(s) for each, the methods/tactics, and the tactical plan.


We know that every event has at least one common goal: to ensure patrons have a great and memorable experience.

Dynamic Planet delivers that.  Big ideas that excite, surprise and delight.  Create an event that people will love.  Market and promote wisely through media, social media, and by leveraging partners, community, and those directly involved.

The entertainment and attractions draw people in, keep them there, and keep them coming back next year or the next day - with their friends.

There are so many options for entertainment, and so many great ideas.  Let Dynamic Planet help bring real excitement to your programming.

Understand the value of your event.  List the various "assets".  Build a plan around those.  Create the sponsor package. Identify potential and likely sponsors.  Sell! the event.

Event planning and logistics are at the heart of any successful event.  Thousands of details need to be looked after such as permits, registration, volunteers / staffing, cash handling and sales, speakers/ performers, vendors, and more - depending on the event and the audience.

Media matters. Local, mainstream, Internet, Radio, TV, print, blog, social, paid, editorial...  Understand what works for you and develop the strategy around media buys vs. editorial reach.  Identify opportunity for media sponsorship and its value and potential pitfalls.

Get the grants you deserve.  Build funding models that work for you and your clients.


Dynamic Planet Marketing will build the customer base for your products and services, ensuring they understand and appreciate the value of what your organization offers.

Your brand is more than your logo! Your brand is described by the experience of your customers with your product and service.  Dynamic Planet can help you create a great brand experience to help ensure long term and satisfied clients.


Being strategic means thinking it through, creatively and with clear objectives and understanding of capacity.

We help you identify the "low hanging fruit", win early, develop momentum, and build a great business.


Building great products and services means meeting a need - whether they know they need it or not!

We'll help you understand those needs and create the product / service to best meet it.


Put our years of experience in the charity and non-profit sector to work for you. Build your non-profit / charity by engaging new donors, members and volunteers, building your brand in an increasingly crowded environment.

Maximize social media.  It's immediate and it can help set trends, reach new markets, and provide needed feedback.

Glean better information from your data.

Work smarter and not harder, to achieve better results and have more fun doing it!

Grow your fundraising portfolio with confidence.  Dynamic Planet can help define and deliver events, fundraisers, donor initiatives, and sponsorship plans.

Applying for funding?! Ask us to help you develop compelling stories and ideas and then write winning grant proposals.


Boldly know your community and your clients and use "where" to help you answer strategic questions about needs and whether you are meeting them.  Using geography builds understanding.  It's visual.  It's data represented meaningfully.  So let us create that for you.


Leverage your strengths and the strengths of others.  Too many organizations don't take full advantage of the strength of alignment and co-purposed initiatives.  Particularly in the non-profit sector when organizations with essentially the same mandates don't help find each other's niche and leverage that to grow.  We can help.

Partnership is a passion at Dynamic Planet.